Life does not go in a straight line. It often surprises us.

We also believe that the design process is not a linear process. We have adopted a dynamic and iterative model based on three core stages: research, strategy and design. At each stage, there is interaction and feedback between between the three of us—our team, you and your customers.

Research: We Read

From the onset, we read. We read voraciously. We read everything we can get hold of: your existing materials, your competitors' websites... anything. We find out everything we can about you, your customers and your products or service offerings. We understand fully. We read thoroughly. This is our deep research.

Strategy: We Think

We think a lot, too much, sometimes. We think hard and long. We think of many ways to go about helping you, of the many possible solutions. Then we sit down and fight among ourselves. Always at the back of our minds, is the goal to make your customers happier, your business better and your life easier. Yes, we think that far.

Design: We Apply

Only when we know everything, thought through everything and believe it in our hearts, do we sit down and work out the best solution for you and your business. Of course, we do not stop there. We gather feedback, yours and your stakeholders, in order to refine, reiterate and perfect the solution, customised to you.

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