Spring Singapore CDG Grant

Capability Development Grant for Branding

Up to 70% Supported by Spring Singapore

Revamp Your Brand for Market Dominance

Up to 70% of your total spend is supported by the Singapore Government


How CDG Grant Works?

1. Meet us for a no-obligations consultation
2. We assist in the application
3. Get approval from Spring Singapore 
4. Start branding project
5. Claim back expenses from Spring Singapore

Why Choose Firefish?

More than 19 years in business
Local talent based in Singapore, not out-sourced overseas
In-house team of researchers, designers, web developers & copywriters
SPRING recognised, TÜV SÜD certified consultants


A Rebranding Case Study

We rebrand a cow farm in Singapore.
Their brand has gone viral online.
And they grew 200% in the first 3 months.



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The Capability Development Grant (CDG) is administered by Spring Singapore.
All information is subjected to change due to changes in government policy.
*Grants are subjected to approval by Spring Singapore.

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