Ministry of Press

Ministry of Press

DairyFolks is what happens when customers come to us with an open mind and trust us with great solutions. Mr Thani actually owns a cow farm in Singapore. He has been milking cows for more than 50 years. And he has been selling this milk to restaurants in Little India. But he has bigger dreams. His son has just graduated. He wants to handover the business to his son. And he just bought a spanking new Italian machine which churns out great ice-cream.

He came to us for the magic.

We dig deep into what makes him tick. Then we dig deeper into what will work in the fresh milk market in Singapore. Basically, we dig until we finally hit gold. We transform his old brand into a friendly family brand filled with nostalgia. Then, we applied the brand to lotsa of stuff: namecards, delivery trucks, website, packaging, and practically everything.

In the end, the results even below away our expectations. They clock in more than $25k worth of sales in the first quarter alone and is growing at more than 200% monthly.

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